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Merry Widow

I sit cross-legged and try not to levitate too much! (с)
мне кажется, это должно быть в этом сообществе)

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I sit cross-legged and try not to levitate too much! (с)
Important update on "Give Jeremy Brett a posthumous BAFTA" petition
Due to severe spamming of our original petition, the petition has now been transferred to a new site.
Also, due to the same reason, nicknames and first names only are no longer accepted as signatures for this petition and all these signatures have been removed.
Therefore, if you had previously signed using your nickname or first name only, we request that you sign again, listing your last name and first name (or last name and first initial), city, and country.
If you don't want your information to be publicly visible on the site, you can choose the privacy option prior to signing, but you MUST fill in all the fields mentioned above. The new site for petition is:


We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your support of this petition.
P.S. If you have already signed the petition with your full name (first and last), there is no need to re-sign as your signature is safe.
Please re-sign ONLY if you have previously signed with a nickname or first name only.

Короче говоря, если вы подписывали петицию о вручении Дж. Бретту мемориальной премии BAFTA своим никнеймом или только именем, и если вы по прежнему хотите, чтобы актера отметили такими образом, то нужно переподписать петицию с указанием фамилии, города и страны на новом сайте. Если подписывали фамилией - подпись сохранилась.

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Brett. Jeremy Brett.